Who is Brand Motive

A Company with a Quarter-Century Reputation
Brand Motive Agency has built its business and reputation over the past twenty five years on client relationships. We pride ourselves on helping clients fulfill their vision and transform concepts and ideas into engaging experiences that deliver real results. We take our client's needs and we devise a strategy from the full vision down, then provide the professional guidance and service to accomplish those goals and more. Our client's goals are our goals everytime. 
The Early Years
Brand Motive Agency (formerly Enterprise Digital Media), was founded in 1999 with the primary objective of delivery clients a higher level of creative through web design and digital marketing. Our early years were spent helping small businesses and grass roots political campaigns by developing rapid, content rich, marketing campaigns online. Back in those days, just having a website was very "cutting edge" and Brand Motive made a name helping all types of clients get thier business and campaigns in front of audiences in a new way. 
Today The Future Is Calling
Over the decades Brand Motive has sought to keep our services and products as diverse and future-focused as possible. We will always build those same creative-based campaigns for clients, but today our services go beyond just beautiful UI. With the use of frameworks for extensibility, and a "from the ground up" approach to built-in optimizations, we're enabling out clients more than ever to gain an edge on their competition and engage with their audiences online.
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