LiveChat & AI-Assisted
Engagement Allows You to
Maximize Visitor Exchanges

Our all new AIR LiveChat service lets our customers engage with their visitors with; auto-chat, AI keyword-triggered responses, full auto-converting foreign language support, scripted engagement trees (that can lead to links, video, images, and other content), and an unlimited number of your team members.
AI-Assisted Chat Handling
Our LiveChat is AI-powered to answer questions, listen for keywords to trigger responses, and smart-guide users through information or to a representative
Full Language Automatic Conversion
Your LiveChat allows you to speak the same language as your visitor. Your LiveChat automatically translates everything in over 25 of the most popular languages
Your Team Can Be Located Anywhere
Your team can be anywhere on the planet and provide LiveChat support to your website users/visitors at any time of the day or night...all they have to do is logon
Archival of All Chat Sessions & Missed Visits
All chat conversations and even missed chats are automatically stored in your dashboard and able to be searched, sorted and exported at anytime.
"Brand Motive's AIR LiveChat service has it's greatest asset in simplicity. We didn't need an overly involved, expensive, per-seat license, product. We wanted something simple and not inexpensive. Brand Motive's AIR LiveChat was and is the perfect solution for us!"
Philip Randolf
President, Cal Land Establishment Foundation

Conversational AI Powered Chat

Our software allows you the ability to either run fully AI-driven/answer built chats with your visitors, LiveChat with your website visitors, or part AI with human handoff. We fully customize the service based around your specific needs. AI-Powered chat can cut down on in-bound common questions, direct users to specific content/downloads, and help you make sales. No matter what you do, chat can make massive difference.

Foreign Language Auto-Conversion

Now it doesn't matter if you and your visitor don't even speak the same language. Your AIR LiveChat now detects and automatically translates everything into the language of your visitor (based on their location). This effectively allows you and your team to be automatically communications-fluent in over 25 of the world's most popular languages using Air LiveChat

Seamlessly Transfer From AI to Human

Your team can truly exist anywhere. You can provide LiveChat support at a moment's notice from a mobile phone, a desktop in an office, from an iPad in the or your team can provide exceptional support from anywhere at anytime. The AIR LiveChat's AI can manage questions and provide specific information when specific keywords are used and be seamlessly transfered to a LiveChat with your team.

ALL Chats & Missed Get Stored Online

Login to you AIR LiveChat Dashboard and you can freely designate online/offline status, review all chats and missed/, and/or sort and export any/all history. You can review and export all of your LiveChat History by Date, Name and Email. Sort Missed Chats by Date range and export to any application. The AIR LiveChat Dashboard makes managing everything extremely simple and managed all in one place.

We Custom Build & Deploy For You

Your service includes a one-on-one setup of your AIR LiveChat and you can see it functioning in action before we take it live on any website you like. We can provide you with the code to go in the page, or we can help install it on any webpage. You don't need to do a thing from a technical standpoint, let us take care of it all.

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