Our Green Commitment

Brand Motive’s datacenter services have been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as a certified Green Power Partner. Our entire datacenter operations network, works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon. BEF is a Green-e Partner. Enterprise-wide, our datacenters provide BEF how many servers, personnel, etc. that are employed and they calculate the yearly energy consumption and carbon footprint of our services and company. BEF is then directed to purchase RECs 3 times as much than have been consumed, and that energy is put directly back into the grid. This matches the energy our datacenters consume as well as 2 other organizations of similar size.

To go a step further to our environmental commitments, we work with the One Tree Planted to plant trees across the globe and rebuild our forests. For every web hosting account that we provision on our platform, we'll plant one tree. 

This is Brand Motive's commitment to the environment and to our customers to allow for a better future.
Unfortunately, datacenters account for about 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, that is as much as the entire AIRLINE INDUSTRY!
The internet industry consumes enormous amounts of energy. The backbone of the internet are data centers which hold millions of large servers, stacked on top of each other in racks and they are powered up and running all day every day. These servers consume enormous of energy and to make sure that they do not over heat and fail, they are blasted with arctic temperature air all day every day. In-fact 40% of all of the energy used to power the internet is used to keep those servers from overheating. Data centers worldwide all pull energy from whatever power grid they rely on. Most energy in our power grids are produced by carbon polluting sources. 

In 2012, there were about 500,000 datacenters worldwide. Today, there are over 8 million and growing, thats an increase of 16x in 7 years. The Internet is the fastest growing carbon polluting industry and it will eclipse all other industries in terms of worldwide pollution. But it doesn't stop there. Data Center pollution is expected to grow to 14% of the world’s carbon emissions, as much as the United States of America, by 2040.

This is a massive problem and it is only getting worse. 
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